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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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places like mill valley and also santa rosa getting some heavy rainfall, up to an inch over just the past couple hours. here's some video from earlier this evening. the bull's-eyes, and look at all this heavy rainfall right now from cloverdale south through hillsburg, back down to santa rosa, all the way up to clear lake. another round of rain crossing over the golden gate, heading over toward oakland. berkeley getting some heavy rain. conspicuously absent, all of the rain in the south bay, anywhere south of the san mateo bridge, you have seen zero rainfall over the past five hours. the weekend is kind of dicey. we'll talk about when the rain will let up over the next few minutes. if you want to track the radar, head to high deaf doppler is there for you, 24 hours a day. juliette goodrich went to a pleasanton neighborhood tonight and she got an earful about
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this couple, a cop and his wife who live there. they are accused of trying to swindle an elderly woman on their street out of her nearly million-dollar estate. >> it makes me sad that people would prey on the elderly like that. and especially under the guise of being a police officer. >> reporter: upset and disturbed, this resident is talking about her neighborhood. former police commander, 36- year-old matthew messier, behind bars, charged with defrauding an 82-year-old woman who lived three doors down from him. everyone called her jean. >> i think of her like i would my own grandmother. >> reporter: d.c.s say messier and his wife, 30-year-old elizabeth, who is now at large, placed the elderly woman's entire estate into a trust. >> he was able to basically con
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her into signing over her entire estate to him and his wife. >> he is very good at convincing you. >> reporter: but after a lengthy investigation, the 11- year veteran is now charged with grand theft, elder because, forgery, registering a fraudulent document, conspiracy and practicing law without a license. neighbors tell us jean is home tonight, but they asked us not to disturb her, because she is so badly shaken up. we've learned that she was an only child and grew up living in this pleasanton home. her grandparents were the original owners. today, jean learned about the arrest from her neighbor. >> her first concern was for his children and for their pets. >> reporter: police say the elderly woman's estate and assets are worth close to $1 million. in pleasanton, juliette goodrich, cbs 5 eyewitness news. and we have learned of a possible motive in the case of
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a sheriff's department accused of holding up a bank. this is youtube video of philip tong when he operated a gun shop in the mission district. investigators say tong was three quarters of a million dollars in debt, and recently he filed for bankruptcy. police say tong robbed a bank of america on balboa street earlier this month and stole 1700. surveillance video shows a man resembling tong entering the bank and running out with arms full of cash. >> san francisco residents expect their men and women in uniform to uphold the law and serve and protect the community. the actions of this particular defendant are deplorable. and there will be serious consequences to his conduct. >> bail is set at $150,000 and tong is on administrative leave without pay. we may not fall off the fiscal cliff after all. some good news. democrats and republicans are
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fast-tracking negotiations and it appears a compromise is on the horizon. president obama sat down with congressional leaders today to hammer out a plan. this is the same group that has tried and failed to reach a deal in the past. but this time, both sides appear willing to work together. >> we want to have savings on everything that we do. also, we need revenue. we need savings. we need growth. >> to show our seriousness, we put revenue on the table, as long as it's accompanied by significant spending cuts. >> the clock is ticking. lawmakers need to reach a deal with the president by january 1st in order to avoid tax increases and deep spending cuts. treasury secretary says he's confident they will have a deal in a matter of weeks. right now, it is saturday morning, just after 9 a.m. in gaza. and israel has stepped up its air assault. a few hours ago, war planes
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bombed hamas government and security compounds. israel is sending more reservists to the border and everyone is waiting for israel troops to invade. hamas is launching even more rockets into israel, even longer-range rockets that landed in tel aviv and jerusalem. in all, hamas rockets have killed three israelis. the israel offensive has killed 28 palestinians. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers tell us how the events are playing out on the streets here. >> both sides locked in passionate protest that are escalating with the growing violence abroad and a ground swell of pro-palestine report is fueling demonstrations in san francisco for the second day in a row. >> reporter: like the fight for abortion rights and same-sex marriage, all too often there is little middle ground when it comes to israel and palestine. >> the people are screaming for the legal nation of the state
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and calling us nazis. >> it's really hard to understand this. >> reporter: the scale of these protests, outside the israel consulate in san francisco, speaks volumes. small clusters of pro-israel activists outnumbered by those who support palestine. they're younger but their voices are louder. >> having that street fight doesn't help much. >> reporter: the general of israel has discouraged them from joining the protest but he believes support for israel is strong here. >> i don't think there is lack of support. i think in the bay area, this is a place where it's a relentless producer of new ideas. one of the ideas is anti-war. >> reporter: and he admits, young anti-war activists are sometimes drawn to the flight of palestinians. the federal government is
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investigating allegations of anti-semitism. a ship that could only intensify as both sides edge closer to a ground war in gaza, divided and determined to dig in. the consul general says he's focused on educating about the conflicts as opposed to demonstrating but similar protests are planned globally with no sign of the tension letting up. also in the news tonight, a passenger with an odd-looking watch fitted with a toggle switch, some wires and fuses caused a security scare at oakland international airport but that's not all that raised a red flag. cbs 5 reporter juan fernandez finds out who is this guy. >> reporter: when geoffrey mcgann tried making his way through security on his way to l.a.x., tsa security screeners noticed he was wearing an odd- looking wristwatch. >> the watch had on it a toggle switch, a series of fuses, a
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series of wires protruding from it, a circuit board, and the watch itself, which was on incorrect time. >> reporter: that triggered a secondary search and what screeners found next was even more disturbing. his boots had several hollowed- out compartments and according to authoritiesing mcgann couldn't clearly explain why. >> it also had what appeared to be a homemade cavity in there and he was very evasive on everything that he was doing. >> reporter: mcgann lives in a single family home in rancho palos verdes. no one was home tonight but a note on the door instructed ups to leave any packages on the doorstep and you could hear two small dogs barking inside. neighbors who didn't want to go on camera tell me mcgann is a quiet guy who lived alone and didn't seem the type to cause any trouble. while no explosives were found, and authorities don't believe
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this was an act of terrorism, they still believe what he did have could have been dangerous. >> it could have been a triggering device. obviously he was missing a couple of things along the way. >> mcgann claims that the watch was art and the shoes were supposed to make him look taller. one of the bay area's most wanted, busted, because of his appetite for red meat. not all smoke alarms offer the same protection. why yours may not save your life. and talk about a sugar rush. wait till you hear too much twinkies are going for. but good luck finding them. plus, kevin costner reveals things that he's never said about whitney houston. why he had second thoughts about giving her eulogy. ♪ i will always love you ♪ ,,
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again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. san jose has ended in a shootout. police have established a comm and we have breaking news. a police chase in san jose has ended in a shoot-out. police have established a command post on daytona drive. this all started when officers
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spotted a car wanted in several robberies. it turned into a chase that ended with the suspects firing at the officers in east san jose. one officer was slightly injured. he was hit by either gunfire or flying glass. the suspects are still on the loose and police are still looking for them. we'll keep you posted. they're calling it the bust of a lifetime, but a bay area police officer had to ditch his wife at her own birthday dinner to make it. the oakland police officer, ernesto leyva, was off duty last night, having dinner with his wife at ruth's chris steak house in san francisco. and that's when he spotted one of oakland's most wanted, 20- year-old ronnie flenaugh, a notorious gangster wanted for murder, shootings, robberies, and all sorts of other things. >> what drew the attention to the off-duty officer is that a gentleman walked in with a hooded sweatshirt over his head, a baseball cap pulled
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down low and a sweatshirt drawn closely over his face. >> oakland police even went to vegas to look for him and raided a home where they thought he was hiding. do you know what kind of smoke alarm you have? well, odds are you have one that firefighters want banned. cbs 5 reporter julie watts shows us why. >> reporter: when you changed your battery this daylight savings, did you happen to check what kind of fire alarm it was in? the international association of firefighters say if you're one of the 95% with this type of alarm, you may want to change that too. >> it gives a false sense of security, thinking they're being protected when they're not. >> reporter: mark mcginn explains there are two types of fire alarm. the photo-electric, identified by this p. and it's more likely to save lives.
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the ionization, common in most homes because it's cheap, primarily responds to hot flaming fires, and in many cases, that's too late. he explains they're also prone to false alarms and 85% of them are purposely disabled as a result. as we discovered, even those that work may not work until it's too late. >> on top of this lid, i put a brand-new ionization smoke alarm. >> they set up a fish tank to simulate a smoldering fire. first, we put the photoelectric to the test. we start the clock. about a minute later... >> we're about 74 parts per million on carbon monoxide a minute after. >> reporter: long before we hit dangerous levels, the alarm sounds. but the same test with the
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ionization alarm produces very different results. it took 15 minutes longer for this alarm to sound in our small-scale simulation. in full-scale tests, they took 30 to 90 minutes longer and failed as much as 55% of the time. >> this is not a smoke alarm. it's a flame detector. >> reporter: palo alto, and the city of orange, now have similar ordinances. but advocates are calling for statewide legislation similar to vermont, iowa and massachusetts, which already require photoelectric. cal fire still recommends you have both types of alarms, but the international association of firefighters warns that dual alarms can be just as dangerous, because the
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ionization alarms can still trigger false alarms, causing people to disconnect them. the maker of twinkies and wonder bread has filed for bankruptcy. 18,000 jobs go with it. bakery operations in oakland and elsewhere, suspended. hostess has been struggling financially lately. and today there's been a lot of nostalgia about the demise. >> michelle has told me i cannot have a tried twinkie. >> do you think you can get me behind this microphone and have me talk about twinkies? this is a setup, i know it. >> call it the end of a high- calorie love affair. people all over the bay area are rushing to stores to get their final bite of golden sponge cake. elizabeth cook tells us you won't believe how much they're
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going for. >> reporter: laurie haggerty has a ritual. >> for me, it was almost like the oreo, where i would unravel it and eat the chocolate first, then eat the cream inside. >> reporter: for her, they aren't just a treat. they're nostalgia. shoppers stripped the shelves at hostess thrift stores, like this one, at the twinkies birth place in chicago. he's been stocking his market in san francisco with twinkies and cupcakes for years but he admits they haven't been selling well lately. >> i'm a twinkies fan. >> reporter: you can get a couple of hostess cakes for a few bucks. but after the news broke that the brand went belly-up, folks on craigslist are selling them for anywhere from $25 to $2,000 a case. >> i don't know if i should
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save them, but i think i'll eat them instead. >> we were one of the lucky ones to get to take home a couple of the more popular tweets, the cub cakes and of course the twinkies. the market was forced to take them off the store shelves, because ironically, they had an expiration date. >> $25 for a twinkie? you're eating money right now. >> here we go! dessert! >> we didn't do twinkies when we were kids. >> we may be regretting it later on tonight. >> bombs away! good-bye, twinkie! >> paul? >> you know what? we did crab last night. we're doing twinkies tonight. big change over a 24-hour period. big weather change as well. lots of rainfall out there. now the rain is spreading. let me show you high-def doppler. strongest radar in the bay area, showing you the best
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picture, the best clarity of the rainfall. i'm gonna show you a couple of spots right now. here we go. we're zooming in, showing you where the rain is and where it's not. oakland, you just had a round of heavy rainfall. another one is about five minutes away. berkeley, richmond, walnut creek, north to concord and pleasanton hill. coverdale, all the way up to clear lake, but santa rosa, you're getting a break. you've had a break all evening in the south bay. san jose, union city, palo alto, all rain-free. rainfall totals approaching one inch now for san rafael and santa rosa. keep an eye on daly city because of that mud slide. you're at one third of an inch of rainfall. a low pressure area just about to make landfall into northern california. the atmosphere will be very unstable, widespread showers tonight and early tomorrow because of that low pressure area. it moves out saturday afternoon. but then here comes another
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rainmaker, a cold front moving through. once the front is out of here, the rain chance goes away entirely, but between now and then, we will have a solid rain chance all the way until sunday. check out these rainfall totals. our computer is predicting anywhere from one to two inches of new rainfall by this time tomorrow night. it's also going to be pretty chilly. highs around 60 to 62 degrees. oakland, 62, concord, 61. rain moves out by sunday afternoon. we're dry on monday and tuesday. showers return on wednesday and for thanksgiving. and we will be right back.
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whitney houston. we wanted to hear from s earlier, we brought you a special tribute on whitney houston. we wanted to hear from somebody who struck up an unusual friendship with her, kevin costner. when whitney houston died, her one-time costar got a call to speak at her funeral. >> i wasn't even sure why i was there, because there were a lot of people that she touched, and their lives.
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there just seemed to be this extra voice going, you know, the world has its view of who is close to her, and i was her bodyguard in a movie, so there was this weird kind of drum beat for me to say something which i didn't feel exactly qualified to. so i talked about what we had in common, which i think when people look at us in paper, they don't think we have a thing in common. >> costner talks about how they both grew up in the baptist church, the place where you can really get into big trouble passing notes to your friends. houston was one of the biggest pop stars of all time. costner still listens to her music. >> she's special in every sense of the word, you know. and she was a one-of-a-kind and there will be others that come after her, but they burn in a special way, and she was one of them. ♪ ♪ and i will always love you ♪
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>> whitney houston sold 170 million albums, songs and videos. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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their 3-game road trip... nba up top, the warriors, they weren't fooling around tonight. they were running with the timberwolves to start their three-game road trip. stephen curry was a big factor. he had six assists in the game. had a hand in this one, although the night passed to david lee. the other man with 18, rookie harrison barnes, get out of his way! warriors shot 50% from the floor. beat the timberwolves 106-98. off to college basketball. mike montgomery and his bears off to a nice start against denver. forget about it. cal wins 72-61. they're 3-and-0 for the year. screaming video from
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hawaii! fourth-ranked stanford stopped no. 1 baylor, 71-69, in a rematch of the women's finals. they stopped a 42-game winning streak by the bears. chiney ogwumike, 18 points, 8 boards. jim harbaugh was back at practice today, a day after receiving treatment for an irregular heartbeat. he is now back coaching without any limitations. >> doctor said you need to go in and you need to get this done, this procedure done. and so, you know, i'm not gonna be stubborn like a mule. do what the doctors tell you. >> all right. today the blue jays signed free agent melky cabrera to a two- year deal worth $16 million. and that brings us to friday's top five. no. 5, women's soccer, courtney, scored a couple of goals to beat santa clara, two to one.
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on to the sweet 16 coming up on sunday. no. 4, a fast one. and he just loses the lakers. man, what a great move over metta world peace! no. 3, a tough dude. curls in for the touchdown. and air force wins. no. 2, argentine, soreno. he got kicked out. he says you know what? boom! i'm gonna leave. here's a skydiver and here's how he crashes a soccer game. yeah. you wanna see this? that player didn't know what was coming. until then. here it is again, as we take you to the break. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you need a little dr. phil? he's on david letterman now. >> can't wait! ( ying "late show" theme )


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